CO2 Oil (Cannaisseur)


Cannaissuer’s CO2 Oil is as pure as it gets for cannabis extraction!

The highly-concentrated Cannaisseur Co2 Oil is a cleaner, safer, purer, tastier, and truly a higher quality cannabis concentrate, with zero trace amounts of toxins in the finished product. This form factor is perfect for use as a bowl topper, dabbing, filling your own wickless cartridge and even for making your own edibles because of its flavor profile which doesn’t leave an aftertaste! Only requires a drop or two for its effects to be felt. These C02 Oils boast unbeatable flavour and cannabinoid content when compared to other extracts.

Ideal for relieving stress, pain, insomnia. Effects include feeling relaxed, sleepy and euphoric.

Keep in cool place. Don’t leave in direct sunlight.

1 GRAM syringes
Lab results: THC 66.1% – CBD 1.17%

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