Do you know someone who is getting married or celebrating a birthday and would like a “Weed Bar” at their reception or party? We can help! We are the first and only dispensary offering Weed Bars for weddings and other special events.

We offer bulk quality flower, specialty edibles and accessories for weddings and other special events! We can even provide you with a budtender who will help guests choose between strains and different edibles and keep them from getting too stoned.

We have product experts and event planners on our team. Therefore, we can assist with the creation of your Weed Bar from start to finish including set up of your tent where guests can smoke in!

Our Weed Bar services include:

  • 5 – 10 Different Strains
  • 5-10 types of edibles including truffles, candies and cookies!
  • A knowledgeable budtender to service the bar

We can also refer you to partners who can assist with tent set up where guests can smoke in a designated beautifully decorated area.

We have no minimum order and offer discounts for larger purchases!

Your guests will love this unique idea and we can even send them home with a personalized, pre-rolled joint as a party favor. Email us to find out more!